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Katharine Baker (Touring Pros)
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Current Coach/Squad:
Liz Jones and Mandy Franks at Batchwood

Left handed with Prince

Current sponsors:
Prince international

How did you start playing tennis?
With friends who I did gymnastics with when I was 8

What is your best tennis moment? Playing at Junior Wimbledon

If you didn't play tennis what would you like to do?
I would like to be an athlete like a long-distance runner or something!

Which tennis player do you most admire and why?
Justine Henin because of her talent and everything she has been through

Are there any myths you would like to dispel about the pro tour?
People think it's easy and think you have such an easy life going abroad all the time and its not...its hard work!

What do you like least and most about playing tennis?
Least is obviously losing!

What 5 words would you use to describe the life of a British tennis player? Hard work, Fun, Challenging, Tiring, Competitive

Do you have a favourite quote?
Never give up

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